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Products for Maximum Perimeter Protection

Seamless Security from Perimeter Protection Group

As a manufacturer of advanced systems for the protection of perimeters and buildings, we offer our customers in all industries the most innovative security solutions. For decades, we have been providing individual perimeter protection for clients all over the world. With five international subsidiaries and sales partners in over 50 countries, we are the world’s leading experts for complete perimeter security. From individual components and integrated security concepts to all service regarding installation and maintenance, PPG is your partner.

In developing our product portfolio, we consistently take into account all aspects of future application. After all, security and perimeter protection should not be the only objective. Just as importantly, other goals of your company or organization must not be compromised. If, for example, a gate or access control system is to be installed, the security solution selected must not unnecessarily disrupt smooth operation at normal access frequencies. Unauthorized access must be prevented without impeding the movement of authorized people or vehicles during ordinary daily operations. Contemporary perimeter protection therefore does not begin with the installation of your security technology, but with comprehensive know-how and detailed consultation. Depending on the likely threat and the area of application, different solutions are required. Do you wish to protect an outdoor area or is the focus on building security? Does the perimeter in question belong to an industrial site or do you want to take measures to secure a financial institution? Does the focus lie mostly on potential intruders into a particular property, or do you need to secure critical infrastructure where a high volume of people and vehicles is virtually unavoidable? Perimeter Protection Group has your individual solution!

PPG protects people, buildings, and property at the highest technical level. Take a look at our portfolio an find the security technology that effectively protects your building or perimeter:

Our Product Categories

Security technology can be classified according to various criteria. Depending on the specific requirements, the choice should fall on different product types, security levels or control systems. Building on our many years of experience, we accompany the planning of your perimeter protection individually in order to recognize the true need, identify the appropriate security systems and provide the necessary services for long-term successful protection.

Read more about the specific features of our products here and talk to us about which technology will provide the best security level for your company or organization:

Acces Control

Our portfolio boasts a wide range of products. Choose between mechanical barriers and electronic systems. Secure your property boundaries against unauthorized access with barriers and gates. Or strengthen your building protection with systems that go hand in hand with your existing alarm and surveillance technology.

High Security

High material and mechanical quality standards are an indispensable prerequisite for reliable security and safety. Our type-tested high-security solutions are certified to the most demanding standards, such as PAS 68 of the British Army, ASTM / DOS of the US armed forces or the international standard IWA 14-1.

Smart control

Intelligent perimeter security only succeeds with products that enable smooth interaction between employees, security technology and other building technology. Our Smart Control systems ensure the fastest possible response times in the event of danger. They are easy to operate and thus ensure the seamless integration of all individual security measures.

Sliding Gates

Sliding gates are a proven solution especially for companies and security-sensitive outdoor areas. PPG sliding gates are extremely reliable, even after many years of use, and require only a minimum of maintenance and servicing. Depending on what impact protection level is required, there are variants made of aluminum or steel. Since the safety-first principle should apply at all times, integrated light barriers prevent injury caused by accidental physical contact. Among the gates of our ‘EntraSteel’, ‘EntraLight’, and ‘Tracked Gate M50’ series, you too will find the best system for perimeter protection.

Quick Folding Gates

When a threat is identified, it is often necessary to react in a matter of seconds. This does not only apply to security personnel, but also to security technology. After all, even the most secure fence is of no use if intruders can easily overcome your perimeter via an incompletely blocked gate or driveway. The gates of our EntraQuick series have been designed for particularly fast opening and closing cycles while withstanding extreme impact loads. They are available in single-leaf and double-leaf versions, and even in a mobile version for temporary use. Get to know a flexibility which is unique in the field of security technology:

Discover the PPG Webshop

Take a detailed look at our products. See the prices of individual products and system solutions and get a more detailed impression of how our portfolio can meet your security needs. Compare the specifications of different product variants directly with each other and select your security solutions as needed:


When it comes to security technology, most people probably first think of protection against burglary. But even in the open spaces of cities and communities, where the permanent disruption of pedestrian and vehicle traffic is neither practical nor desirable, solid perimeter protection can be essential. Buildings and groups of people need to be protected from intentionally or unintentionally approaching vehicles. However, accessibility of certain areas to passers-by should not be hindered. Therefore, the installation of fences and closed gates is not feasible. PPG’s solid and retractable bollards, on the other hand, are very well suited for public places and companies with large open premises.

Road Blockers

No security systems are tougher. Wedge barriers, Beam Lift Systems, and Tyre Killers from PPG are fully retractable if necessary. At the same time, the lifting speed can be electronically adjusted to flexibly account for the security conditions on site. In any case, these massive road blockers allow for reliable protection of almost all driveways due to their solid construction. Almost all variants are certified to the strictest high-security standards in the world. Globally, customers with the most stringent requirements rely on road blockers developed and made by PPG.

Smart Control

Innovative perimeter protection should not only be robust in a mechanical sense. The systems also need to take advantage of electronic features to keep response times as short as possible. Smart Control from PPG complements the mechanical components of your security system with a flexible and customizable control system. Businesses, critical infrastructures, military installations, and public organizations place very different demands on security technology. Each must be able to manage different frequencies of personnel and vehicle traffic without compromising perimeter security. Perimeter Protection Group’s Smart Control system enhances your security the smart way!


Larger numbers even of welcome visitors should not always be able to gain access to a company or to an open-air site in an uncontrollable flow of people. Here, turnstile systems for the separation of entering persons are the most reliable solution. They do not hinder access to a certain area. They do, however, separate people from each other and slow people down so that security personnel or electronic surveillance systems can recognize and identify each person individually.


Installing a barrier is probably the most widely used outdoor security measure. Barriers make the boundaries of your property clearly visible. In many applications, visual deterrence is sufficient already to effectively secure a given property. Even areas that are not subject to exceptionally high security requirements can be secured in this way against careless or accidental intrusion.


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