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Entrance Control made by PPG

Access Control 24/7

Turnstiles and systems for the separation of individuals secure premises or buildings against unauthorised access. Above all, they allow controlled access of people to reliably regulate even large streams of people. In the event of a high volume of visitors, access can be interrupted or slowed down if necessary. With the help of an optionally available card reader, the identification of individuals can be ensured. At the same time, the robust stainless steel arms of a turnstile do not allow passage in the wrong direction or a breach of the locked facility, even when force is applied. With a turnstile from PPG, you can rest assured that only authorised persons will enter the defined security area in an orderly manner.

Turnstiles and Pedestrian Access Control

The TurnSec 4.0 secures an entrance over complete body-height accommodating all height of pedestrians. The systems are available as single or multiple units. The TurnSec 4.0 Bicycle has an additional access element for bicycles. Various options allow each turnstile to be tailored to your specific requirements. For example, you can choose from various canopies. There are versions with or without LED lighting and different control elements that allow the system to be individually configurated for use in the intended context. Our turnstile systems are highly durable and our high-quality corrosion protection ensures weather-resistance.

The TurnSec. 4.0 turnstile offers ideal access control for outdoor areas and the entrances of sensitive buildings such as banks, airports and industrial plants and also public facilities such as exhibition halls, swimming pools, zoos and amusement parks. Authorised persons are granted unhindered access during regular operation, while in an emergency, fast protection from uncontrolled crowds or suspicious individuals can be ensured. This turnstile fits in perfectly with your already existing security solutions. The design is kept unobtrusive, so that security is not at odds with the aesthetics of the surrounding architecture.

Pedestrian Access Control is used to specifically regulate access of people to sensitive areas. Our TurnSec 4.0 and TurnSec Bicycle 4.0 combine user comfort, security and aesthetics in equal measure.

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