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Outdoor Security and Perimeter Protection for the Military

Military facilities and buildings have extremely strict security requirements. Nowhere is the reliability and timeliness of security technology more important than in this area. Terrorists, radical activists, and espionage by state actors are risks that must always be protected against. Theft of high-value equipment by professional criminals cannot be ruled out either.

External protection with high-security products for military installations needs to be able to prevent rapid attacks with heavy vehicles. PPG security systems are certified to the highest standards, which are also used as benchmarks by the US army and the British armed forces. Military perimeters simply cannot be protected more reliably than with PPG technology.

Military Perimeter Protection against all Threats

For military security, our portfolio contains internationally crash-tested and certified high-security products. These provide military installations with the most innovative solutions against external and internal threats from terrorists, activists, protesters, and all intruders intending to commit theft or sabotage. A holistic approach to security is essential for the seamless protection of critical infrastructure. To this end, PPG has developed the most advanced crash bollards, wedge barriers, tyre killers and steel gates with immense impact loads.

Security Technology ahead of its Time – Made in Germany

We develop and produce security products which define the security standards of today, in order to be prepared for any future threats. This requires a focus on innovation and a wealth of experience. Having historically provided the highest level of perimeter security to the military, we are best positioned to understand the present and future security requirements of our clients. We are not just manufacturers, by choosing PPG, you will also benefit from our expertise as consultants in security matters.

With our decade-long experience and the most advanced product portfolio, we have your security needs covered – including consulting, planning, installation, commissioning, construction, and maintenance. This makes Perimeter Protection Group the most reliable partner for effective military security solutions. Made in Germany, at your service around the globe – you too can rely on PPG!

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Success Stories

When nothing must be left to chance, the Perimeter Protection Group provides unparalleled perimeter protection with technical security solutions. Learn more about what has made us an indispensable service provider in the high-security sector for decades:

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