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PPG - Protecting People, Premises, and Property

Our security solutions are diverse, and the areas of application unlimited: Whoever or whatever needs to be protected is in good hands with the physical security experts of Perimeter Protection Group. We offer the perfect technical solution for the protection of people, perimeter security and building security, depending on your threat scenario, required security level, and the type and frequency of use.

With over 70 years of experience and a global presence in more than 74 countries, we offer a complete, single source service to all our customers – from individual products to complete security concepts. In addition to advice and installation, our customer service naturally also includes planning, maintenance, servicing, and the adaptation of your security solutions to changing conditions.

Read more about our solutions below and get a comprehensive overview of the most important areas in which security technology from Perimeter Protection Group is used. If you are looking for a more specific and individual solution, feel free to contact us directly!


Industrial plants and sites have very diverse requirements in terms of security and perimeter protection. Depending on the industrial sector and the sensitivity of the goods and products present on site, there are different challenges for site security, building security and legal compliance. Only one thing is certain: a fence alone is no longer enough. The individually appropriate security technology must go hand in hand with a comprehensive safety concept. If you wish to protect an industrial facility permanently and always be prepared for all potential threats, you can count on the experience of PPG.

Cities & Public Places

Our products and security solutions support municipalities, city planners, architects, planning offices and construction companies in creating safe environments. In public spaces, where large crowds and the movement of people and means of transport often move in irregular patterns, the use of the most advanced security technology and thorough planning is essential. Due to the growing danger of vehicles being utilised for terrorist attacks, demand is increasing rapidly. Take advantage of PPG’s experience in the development, installation, and conceptual use of security technology for your municipality. Let us ensure security in public spaces together!


Comprehensive security concepts are indispensable for all airports. There is typically a high volume of passenger and vehicle traffic. Transported goods and cargo are handled, and processes are very closely timed. Even minor disruptions can have a serious impact on operational processes, and even more so attacks or unauthorised intrusion onto the premises. PPG has many years of experience in securing airports all over the world. Depending on the size of the airport and the layout of public access areas, our products will help you manage the flow of people and vehicles securely and efficiently at all times.

Logistics & Transport

Theft, vandalism and sabotage are on the rise. Transported goods, transport technology and vehicles are often stolen or damaged. In addition, the reputation of any logistics company suffers considerably when goods do not reach their destination or contractual penalties are incurred due to delayed delivery. Reliable transport and on-time delivery therefore requires complete protection of logistical buildings and sites. At PPG, we are familiar with the needs of this industry and provide the best technical security solutions – as international and flexible as befits the logistics and transportation sectors.


Seaports are very sensitive environments. Valuable items, goods for the basic supply of the population as well as hazardous materials are regularly handled and stored on the premises of ports, often in large quantities. Moreover, unauthorised persons should never be able to gain access to the ships moored here. For this reason, seaports are subject to very strict international legal regulations, which take into account the rapidly rising organized crime in this area and the increasingly aggressive global terrorism. With many years of experience around the globe, PPG ensures effective and legally compliant protection of all areas pertaining to seaports.

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Embassies & Consulates

Embassies, consulates and government institutions of all kinds are attractive targets for attackers. Here, it is essential to be prepared for thorough planning and determined action by aggressors. If an attack is even remotely successful, in addition to possible personal injury, there will also be considerable damage to the reputation of a state and possibly for the diplomatic relations between the embassy’s sovereign state and the country in which it is located. Therefore, PPG offers comprehensive solutions at the highest security level for the effective protection of all types of government buildings.


Security risks are of particularly high concern with military facilities. They are highly sensitive for a whole range of reasons: military personnel and material are regarded as prime targets of international terrorism. In addition, military equipment is often expensive and thus attractive to thieves. Furthermore, troop activities, documents, data carriers and technical systems are subject to strict secrecy in a military environment. In the case of an attack succeeding, the consequences in terms of personal injury, material damage and loss of reputation are immeasurable. Therefore, the security technology used should meet the highest standards and be tested for all conceivable scenarios Just like the security products from PPG!

Prisons & Correctional Facilities

Prisons and other correctional facilities have special security requirements: on the one hand, inmates must be kept from escaping, in order to protect the public. On the other hand, security in the opposite direction is also required, to safeguard against outside assistance in escape attempts or to prevent the smuggling of prohibited objects and substances onto the prison premises. Also, increased interest of the public after a successful escape attracts heightened media attention. Thus, the entire security concept should be thoroughly planned in every detail. Contact our experts as soon as possible!


The functionality of modern security technology does not only depend on the specific product features, but also on flawless installation. That is why we deploy our experienced installation teams worldwide. Our technicians will install your PPG products, supervise commissioning, and ensure the perfect interaction of each component with all the other elements of your security system. Our certified employees are specialists in mechanics, electronics, and hydraulics, and will reduce interruptions of your organization’s processes as much as possible. After the installation of your individual security solutions, our experts technicians are at your disposal for future maintenance or repair requirements.

Banking & Finance

Banks, stock exchanges, administrative financial buildings and data centres are attractive targets for criminal intruders. They often contain storage media with highly sensitive information and, in many cases, large amounts of cash or valuables. With our portfolio of internationally certified high-security products, we secure buildings in the financial sector against external attacks. At the same time, we provide security technology for internal areas to prevent unauthorised access to particularly critical rooms and departments. In this way, buildings are comprehensively and individually protected, in line with your specific requirements and against all conceivable threats. Protect digital and material assets alike – take advantage of the expertise of PPG!

Stadiums & sports facilities

The physical protection of stadium and large arenas must be designed and planned with special security risks in mind.  Large crowds and long lines of vehicles must be protected and controlled within and around the venue, while avoiding mass panic, turmoil or overcrowding in the stadium, in the event of a security incident. Vehicle and pedestrian movements in and around a stadium need to be regulated, whilst ensuring that if there is an emergency, such as a fire, a quick and smooth evacuation is guaranteed.  To ensure permeability and control at the same time without creating safety gaps in your overall security concept, you can fully rely on the experience of PPG.

Power plants

Due to increasingly aggressive terrorism in recent years, the demand for security concepts for critical infrastructures is growing. This also includes power plants. Safeguarding against damage to the power plant itself, against dangers to the lives of people and the interruption of the energy supply to entire regions requires physical security solutions of the highest standard. At the same time, the high protection requirements in this area must be reconciled with the necessary accessibility for authorised forces such as the fire department in the event of an emergency. PPG therefore not only provides multi-layered technical safety solutions for power plants but is also indispensable as a partner in the creation of your safety concept.


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