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Prisons & Correctional Facilities

Perimeter Protection for Prisons & other Correctional Facilities

Technical security concepts for prisons and similar facilities should be both effective and humane. With innovative security products, decades of experience and a wide range of services, the Perimeter Protection Group offers effective external protection. Take advantage of our complete portfolio of perimeter protection for prisons, forensic institutions, correctional facilities, and institution such as psychiatric facilities. Prevent breakouts just as effectively as unauthorised access from the outside. Let our experienced PPG experts advise you on which products and services are best suited to the required security level and individual layout of your facility!

Effective Technical Security Solutions for Prisons & Jails

Conventional perimeter security systems are still used in modern prisons. Conventional fences or walls can be overcome relatively easily with commercially available commodities and a bit of time. What is needed here is robust security technology that can also withstand professional tools. Cutting and overclimbing must be prevented, as well as digging and undermining. Razor wire, also known as barbed tape, is often used as an upgrade. To minimize the risk posed by intruders getting onto the premises as effectively as the risk of breakout attempts, PPG additionally offers heavy-duty systems for roadways and vehicle access. These include, for example, our wedge barriers and fast-closing gates.

Perimeter Protection through holistic Integrated Concepts

Together, products and planning by Perimeter Protection Group make for an integrated security concept that guarantees the highest possible level of protection and a humane security setup in equal measure. Compact designs, reliable operability, and short distances to minimize response time are decisive parameters. By taking all these factors into consideration, safety and intended freedom of movement are reconciled. At the same time, the separation of employees, suppliers and visitors from inmates must be guaranteed. The Tracked Gate M50, the PU30 folding gate with high impact load and the TurnSec 4.0 turnstile system for individual admission have been used in many prisons. In combination with our Wedge Barriers, you can also use these systems to set up a vehicle checkpoint that can be closed off, if necessary.

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Success Stories

High quality of security systems in the penal system is in the interest of society as a whole. Technical responsibility should only be placed in the hands of an experienced partner. Take a look at some examples of how the Perimeter Protection Group successfully secures facilities like yours:

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