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Security Solutions for Logistics Companies and the Transport Industry

Logistics companies and transport businesses can be affected by theft, vandalism, and sabotage in many ways. Offences like these continue to take place at a persistently high level. As the value of certain raw materials and preliminary products keeps rising, combined with the increasing costs of investing in assets such transport vehicle fleets and property, security and protection of these elements becomes a priority.  To ensure optimal protection, PPG’s technical security solutions have proven their worth all over the world. Perimeter Protection Group reliably secures your premises with all goods, buildings, and equipment according to your individual needs.

Protection of Valuable Goods

To gain access to vehicle fleets, machinery, and goods, criminals are becoming increasingly resourceful and are often very well equipped. A standard door or gate lock has long ceased to present a serious obstacle for criminals. The increase in value of raw materials such as metals and certain woods attracts the attention of professional intruders. PPG’s security products and solutions provide you with complete perimeter security tailored to your needs, ensuring permanent protection against unauthorised access. Each product fits seamlessly into a holistic security concept: Type-tested gate systems, road blockers with extraordinarily high impact load and other high-security products will turn your premises into a completely protected area only accessible to authorised persons. In addition, PPG products can be easily integrated into your existing security concept by our experienced team.

Enhanced Security for Employees, Vehicles and Transport Goods

The Perimeter Protection Group’s portfolio includes specialised solutions for every challenge in securing logistics areas and cargo. Our products offer reliable protection against unauthorised access while ensuring smooth operations. In the transport sector in particular, our efficient, type-tested quick folding gates, robust sliding doors and turnstiles are in high demand. Not only your vehicles and stored goods will be kept secured at any desired company location, but also your employees, your visitors and, of course, yourself.

Depending on the region, the economic situation and the nature of your orders, security needs and threat scenarios can vary greatly. Therefore, do not simply rely on the next best standard solution. Take advantage of our expertise in planning, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of the most advanced security technology!

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Success Stories

At PPG, working internationally we are as flexible as our customers in the logistics industry: Just as you handle orders in international environments and deliver on schedule, you may expect the same first class service from us.

Take a closer look at how we have already improved the safety and security standards of our customers – nationally, internationally and globally:

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