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Stadiums & Sports Venues

Comprehensive Security for Stadiums & Sports Facilities with Perimeter Protection Group

Complete perimeter protection concepts for stadiums are becoming increasingly important. Their implementation is particularly demanding. At the different stages of the event the security situation around a larger sporting facility is continually changing. The sheer number of fans, e.g. at major league matches, makes it difficult to identify and avert threats. To achieve a high level of stadium security while not restricting the enjoyment of the event, your protection concept needs to be as holistic as it is effective.

In addition to the regularly high number of visitors, other security-relevant circumstances should also be considered: How is traffic routed to and around the stadium? What special building security regulations apply locally? In the case of a popular sporting event, is there a risk of conflict between opposing fans? resulting in acts of hooliganism? Under these circumstances media coverage is high and your reputation as a stadium operator is at stake too. Under such circumstances, in addition to stadium security, due to extensive media presence, your reputation as a stadium operator is at stake, too.

Perimeter Protection for Stadiums and other Sports Facilities

The perimeter protection of stadiums must be designed to ensure security, regulation compliance, and control. Stadium control and monitoring is an enormous challenge for police and trained security forces managing heavy volume of traffic and the large streams of visitors. Security technology and other critical infrastructure systems should interlock seamlessly at all times to prevent panic, riots, vandalism and overcrowding in a stadium. In exceptional situations, e.g. a fire hazard caused by illegal pyrotechnics, perimeter security must allow for rapid evacuation at all times.

Certain groups of people, such as hooligans and violent fan groups, often coordinate their ‘line-up’ against stewards and security in advance of an event. Therefore, a shortened response time through smart technical solutions is essential. In recent years, it has often been shown around the world that body-worn security equipment alone is not enough to protect security personnel and peaceful fans. State-of-the-art measures to secure your perimeter are characterised not by restricting people’s room for manoeuvre, but by providing intelligent support. For solutions like these, you can always rely on our experts. We will work together with you and take your existing protective measures into account to provide you with an optimal security environment – from access control at the entrance to the departure of the last spectator.

For any Arena, any Site, and any Requirement – Individually Planned Security by PPG

If ‘safety first’ is your goal, the Perimeter Protection Group will be glad to help you achieve it. Protect every part of your facility and all visitors from dangers of all kinds. We want to provide you with security technology that will enable you to make the most of all your protection options. Our M30 and M50 perimeter bollards, for example, offer sports arenas and similar facilities certified security with the highest level of impact protection. All bollards feature a robust construction made of heavy-duty material and high-strength steel. Depending on the location, size, construction design and location, we recommend the use of specific movable or fixed crash bollards. Our work starts long before installation. It begins with thorough planning – combined with the experience we have built over decades.

Visitors to your events expect more than just performance on the field. They want assurance that their family and friends are well protected and that stadium security is guaranteed in any situation. In technical terms, they expect an integrated security system that prevents a security incident. Innovative perimeter protection on an organisational as well as a technical level.

Rely on us as your partner for sports facilities – and score big in terms of security!

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Success stories

Security and comprehensive perimeter protection across an entire stadium complex are only possible with the most advanced technical solutions. More and more stadium operators are realising this – and are deciding to rely on our expertise to plan their technological upgrades, install their security hardware and provide ongoing service.

Read more below and learn about how we are already preventing a wide range of threats, implementing perimeter protection and continuously supporting the further development of security concepts for customers all around the world:


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